Hunter Ceiling Fan Remotes

The remote is a very commonly replaced ceiling fan item, no matter what make or model of ceiling fan you own. If you are looking for a replacement Hunter ceiling fan remote, we can help you with finding a replacement remote here on this page. When looking for a replacement remote, you have two options. The first option is to look at the details of the remote you are looking at, to see what fans the remote is compatible with. You can also check the manual that came with the fan. As a last ditch measure, you can also contact Hunter, the fan manufacturer.

Universal Hunter Ceiling Fan Remotes

If you are unable to determine what remote goes with your Hunter fan, it can be advantageous to invest in a Hunter universal ceiling fan remote. These remotes are compatible with most Hunter ceiling fans. They are most likely compatible with some other brands of ceiling fans as well. We also have some additional information on programming a replacement Hunter remote as well.

Hunter Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan Remote
This universal remote from Hunter is simple yet effective. It’ll get the job done when you need it to!

How to Program the Hunter Fan Remote

If you’re looking for programming instructions for your Hunter Ceiling Fan and remote control, you can find them here on this website. We’ve written an article that will help. Mainly, programming the remote consists of setting the dip switches and pressing the right buttons in order to effectively program the remote control to be used with the fan.