11 thoughts on “Hunter-Type-2A-Ceiling-Fan-Owners-Guide-Installation-Manual

  1. Rose short

    Changed the battery in the fan remote, now it will not work, cannot locate the owners manual. It is a light and ceiling fan with remote control for the light and fan. Any suggestions?

    1. hemumlbx Post author

      What fan do you have?

      We will attempt to locate the installation guide for you. Do you just need installation help?

  2. Paul Smith

    i have a hunter type T fan. the label is slightly torn and i think it says 20559-300 or 28559-300. it is remote controlled. it also has a tag that says 10 00. i am looking for a manual but searches says no such thing. i need installation info and parts. please help if you can. thank you.

  3. joanne layshock

    I want to get a replacement remote control model 73865. Where can I get one?

  4. Byron S

    Am looking for owner’s manual for Hunter ceiling fan model 21776-380, and also info as to whether a light kit can be added to this fan. Moved into condo and there are three of these fans. Conflicting info from Hunter. Any help will be appreciated.

  5. Len

    I have 5 Hunter ceiling fans. They have no chains or direction switches. The remte model number is 85094-02. Trying to find out how to change motor direction.

  6. Debbie Blandford

    We have a fan in a rental home – the remote control operates the light but not the fan. We have replaced the batteries and that has not fixed the problem. The fan is at least 10 years – maybe older – but we have only had the property for that long. Any ideas – new remote or new fan?

  7. rod bell

    i have a pretty standard ceiling fan. never had a problem. 3-4 yrs old, 3-speed reversible fan, 3 tulip style lights. no remote control. my son put new led lights in it. unit worked for a few minutes then stopped working completely. no fan no lights. no circuit breakers tripped, have power at light switch, switch is good. i’m thinking something tripped or failed inside the fan. need help from here


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